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When I am not reading the newspaper, other music blogs, music discussions or web pages I have looked up to understand something, while listening to Beethoven’s Ninth or some songs by Steely Dan or a cd with Anne Sofie von … Läs mer

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A Flat, Tired Blues

Here is a short new little blues tune. (painting signed ”L Wiberg, 1986”, if I read it correct!)

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Kyle Gann in PostClassic has a long post about American art and music, American Romanticism: Music vs. Painting, with a discussion of what was new and specifically American in the Hudson River School of painters, and then in comparison how … Läs mer

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Marie-Louise Maude Ester Fuchs De Geer Bergenstråhle Ekman

Det här är en ny artikel om en av mina idoler – Marie-Louise med de många efternamnen. Det här är en äldre intervju. Jag har verkligen inte följt med i allt hon har gjort – sett alla bilder och installationer, … Läs mer

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work in progress

the camera was unsteady, which in fact makes this picture look better than in real life, but both two paintings of the helmsman (-woman) are unfinished, I can’t get the eyes right, and the whole thing is lifeless kitsch, but … Läs mer

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Kitchen quilt from 2004

This is a quilt I made a couple of years ago, and which I use as a drape between the hall and the combined dining room and kitchen. (Click on the photo to see a larger version). The design is … Läs mer

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Tango: Orfeus & Ofelia

In October 2005, I made this sketch of a dancing couple, after reading some articles about Argentine tango in an old issue of National Geographic. Later, I have painted the same figures in a picture in a different colour scheme. … Läs mer

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Since I was unable to attend the opening on Saturday, I visited the art exhibition at the library today instead. My picture of two guys standing on a cliff in the archipelago landscape had good company of a grandfather-and-grandson portrait … Läs mer

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Personal diary style

I will try to write something like a diary style blog today: Lazy morning. Breakfast. Tea made from cheap Ceylon teabags in the low, small and plain brown Chinese teapot. Milk in the teacup. Soft Fazer rye bread; one with … Läs mer

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Listening and thinking

This week I have painted, and I have tried to listen to more music than I usually do, and I have listened to people. In the painting class there were eight students present this Thursday. Most of them old people … Läs mer

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